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Best Homeopathic Doctor in Noida: Dr. Pratibha Tanwar

Finding the ideal healthcare provider is essential for sustaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Among individuals looking for alternative therapies, homeopathy has grown in popularity due to its all-natural solutions and holistic approach. Among the many options, Dr. Pratibha Tanwar stands out as the best homeopathic doctor in Noida, providing unmatched knowledge and kind treatment.

Homeopathy is a medical philosophy based on the idea that “like cures like” places more emphasis on treating patients as a whole than just their symptoms. This idea can be seen in Dr. Pratibha Tanwars’s practice, which is centered on recognizing the individual constitution of every patient and customizing therapies accordingly.

best homeopathic doctor in Noida



Dr. Pratibha Tanwar

(Gold Medalist)

Dr. Pratibha Tanwar, a gold medalist, is the best homeopathic doctor in Noida. Dr. Pratibha started her medical career after completing her medical graduate degree (BHMS) with a gold medal in 2010 from the prestigious Dr. B. R. Sur Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital, and Research Centre, New Delhi, which is a fully run government medical college under the Govt. of NCT of Delhi. So, make an appointment with the best homeopathy doctor in Noida to get natural remedies.

After completing the internship, Dr. Pratibha Tanwar served as a house physician at the same institution for one year. Dr. Pratibha has completed the SCPH Specialty Course in Predictive Homoeopathy from ICHM in cooperation with the European Centre for Peace and Development of the University for Peace established by the United Nations (UN).

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Dr. Pratibha Tanwar (Gold Medalist)

Having massive years of experience and knowledge in the homeopathic field. She has specialized in skin & hair treatment, & diabetes, and treatment of other chronic diseases.

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