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Dr.Pratibha Tanwar is an exemptional homeopathic doctor who has helped me with my chronic skin condition.
Her treatment has been very effective and my skin has shown remarkable improvement.she is very knowledgeable. I am thankful for her expertise and recommed her without hesitation.

Dr Pratibha Tanwar is fantastic human being and an excellent doctor.

She treats acute cases with ease & makes one feel so simple with her brilliance. It was her who made my perception completely changed about homeopathy and how effective it is even in acute cases.

Me and my family consulted with her from last 2 years regarding various health issues like Stones, PCOD, Hairfall etc.

Highly recommended best homeopathic doctor in west delhi.

I was suffering from severe acidity since 5 years ans was tired of taking anta-acid medicines daily. My friend suggested of opting for homeopathic medicines from Dr Pratibha Tanwar.Then I consulted her,she took the case history in details which was very impressive.l never knew that homeopathic medicine works on mind and deals with stress.After her medicines my nature was also improved and my aggression got much better I never knew that my anger issues can also be managed by homoeopathic medicines.
I took medicines for 9 months, now i am totally cured and my allopathic medicine are totally stopped.
I want to thank Dr Pratibha for giving me the best treatment.
I would recommend Pratibha Homeopathic Clinic one of the best homeopathic clinic in delhi.

Fortunately, I came in contact with Dr Pratibha through reference for online consultation as most of the time I am on the tour because of my nature of job.

In my first discussion the way it progressed I was impressed and she quickly

diagnosed where and how to start the treatment.

It is only over a month the treatment. I have stated for my son but seen impressive progress.

Thank you once again Mam.

I recommend Pratibha Homeopathic clinic for the best homeopathic treatment in west delhi.

Dr.Pratibha ji is excellent doctor, she gave us sufficient time to listen to our problems and helped us with best medicines for immediate & long time relief.
She is truly the best Homeopathy Doctor

Dr Pratibha is doing one of the most work in the field of homeopathy for prompt and permanent cure.
Before I came here, I had undergone allopathic treatment for a very long time but nothing really helped.
I consulted with Dr. Pratibha and started taking medicines. Now there is a constant improvement and result is evident. She is extremely good to find the root cause of the particular health issue and cure it permanently.

one of the best clinics to visit for homopathetic medicines. Dr Pratibha is one of the humblest and coolest doctors that I have ever met. She is so sweet and humble and it’s very easy to discuss things with her. She clearly understands the problem and work out to resolve the problem permanently.

I didn’t Try Homeopathic Medicine in My life.
But when I go to her Clinic For the treatment of Ankolysing Spondylitis,she gave me confidence that this is Curable.
I didn’t Believe in First Acquaintance. But When I’m Following her Medicine as per prescribed Schedule , really it works on me.
And right now I’m Recovering 70-80% from Spondylitis.
Every Doctor Told me that Ankolysing Spondylitis will be Treated only, but can’t be Cure.
Mam Is Only First Doctor from many Other who said that it’s Curable and really Her Statement will be true Day by day and I’m Recovering in just 6-7 Months.
Thank You Mam you feel me Confidence when I’m really Depressed in that Situation.
I want to tell Everyone that if you loose your Hope in any kind of problem,Once you should have to Visit her Clinic then you’ll be See the Final Result.
Thanks to You Mam.😍

One of the best homeopathy doctor for kidney stone. I was suffering from stone in my kidney. My relative suggested me to take treatment from Dr.Pratibha Tanwar. After failed allopathy treatment. I took online homeopathy treatment from Pratibha Homeopathic clinic in Delhi.After three months of medication total three stones of my kidney have removed. Thank you so much doctor.

I and my family are visiting Dr. Pratibha for more than 12 years and are quite satisfied with the treatment rendered for various ailments viz orthopaedic, dermatology, jaundice and day to day health issues. Dr. Pratibha gives a patient hearing to ascertain all the health related issues as also the behavioral ones to diagnose the root cause of the problems and successfully treats the ailments rather than suppression of underlying symptoms. I would strongly recommend Dr. Pratibha for almost all the ailments including chronic ones

Dr Pratibha was the only doctor who gave me confidence and hope of recovery. Has been 3 years of treatment and would highly recommend her clinic.
she is very patient and discusses each parameter in detail and gives her valuable feedback during follow ups. Her recommendation and inputs have always guided me towards the right direction.

When it comes to hair loss, there are a multiple treatments and remedies My friend referred me Pratibha Homeopathic Clinic in Delhi for the treatment.
After taking online consulation from Dr.Pratibha for hair loss reduction, I was impressed with her. The doctor took a holistic approach, considering not only my hair loss but also my overall health and lifestyle. I have noticed significant improvement in my Hair loss within few weeks.

Overall, I would highly recommend visiting a homeopathy doctor for hair loss reduction.

The treatment is done very comprehensively. The doctor listens to each and every problem and conducts and in-depth analysis. The medicine regimen, when followed properly is very effective and treats the issues at the root.

I was suffering from Asthma for the last 10 years, I was taking the antibiotic & Inhaler from very long time. My friend recommended me to visit & consult in Pratibha Homeopathic clinic. I consulted Dr.Pratibha and she tool my case & asked about my health history and gave me medicine.
The doctor is very calm & she listens very patiently. I got a significant improvement in 5-6 months of taking the medicine. Thank you mam for the treatment. I will strongly recommend Asthma patients must visit to Pratibha Homeopathic clinic. She is the best homeopathy doctor in Delhi.

I am very thankful to you for treating my Psoriasis which I was suffering from last few years. There is significant Improvement.
I would recommend everyone for psoriasis treatment.Mam,You are very good listener.

Thanks for my migrain treatment. I was suffering the same from last few years. But now after taking medicine from last 3 months almost 80% improvement.
Also I have got benefit in my personal life .my stress taking attitude has minimised.
Thanks Dr pratibha.

One of my friend suffering from vitiligo is taking treatment from Pratibha Homeopathic Clinic from last three years. There has been significant improvement in her problem since the treatment started. The disease seems to have stabilized with no further progression. White patches around her eyes have been completely cured. We are grateful to have started Dr.Pratibha treatment at the right time.

Doctor Pratibha is best Homeopathic doctor I must say. She is very good counselor and humble.
I am taking online consultation for asthma from Pratibha Homeopathic clinic and within 2 months I can see improvements.

Thank you mam, I was suffering from anxiety from last 2 years .now it is completed cured within 2 months of treatment.
I am very thankful to you.
You are the best homeopathy doctor I have interacted.

Myself, my family and friends have been patient of Dr.Pratibha for over 5 years and his medication has cured chronic disease like urticaria,eczema,vitiligo,Immunity,fever.she is an amazing doctor. We highly recommend her to everyone.

We’ve been seeing her for the last 3 years for our entire family, and she has helped us with a variety of diseases. We’re really happy with her medicines. In just one visit, she was able to correctly diagnose and give medicines which has always been very quick to act and give us relief in few days.
We have full faith on her.
She is highly recommended by me.

My skin problem is cured completely by taking medicine from Pratibha Homeopathic Clinic.
Dr.Pratibha Tanwar is very polite and humble.

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Having massive years of experience and knowledge in the homeopathic field. She has specialized in skin & hair treatment, & diabetes, and treatment of other chronic diseases.

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